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At we are always eager to help in anyway we can. Our help is always free and we can try to point you in the right direction with anything publishing or design. Please message us also if you have any questions about our design and marketing services.

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At I Love My Cover we make awesome covers for independent authors and publishers. Our process involves close work between you the author and us the designers to ensure a truly collaborative experience. At ILMC we offer one of a kind hand crafted covers that are never made from templates. We listen to your ideas and create something that fits your book, we don't fit your book into our idea. Please feel free to message us at any time to say hi, or to ask us any questions about the publishing process, we are always here to help :)

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Thank you for contacting me about your book. This page is a special discount page for preferred clients I work with. Please fill out all of the information below. The more information I have about your book the better your cover will be so fill out as much as possible. If you have any questions about the process please let me know on the bottom of the form. For any questions on here that you don't have an answer to just type "NA". Thank you again for contacting me about your book and I look forward to making something awesome for you!


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Popular sizes are 6x9 or 5x8 please ask your editor about the size your book is formatted for
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This is the date you plan to have everything completed by. As long as I have all of the needed information one week out from this date there shouldn't be any problem getting it finished for you.
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